Ian Corrao on RoundaboutFM's Creative Chaos Podcast

Click to listen!

Click to listen!

I got the awesome opportunity to record with Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra of the RoundaboutFM.com: Creative Chaos Podcast. We got to talk about Zombies, the creative process, Star Wars figures, Apple vs Microsoft, movie making, and a whole bunch of other tangents. It was a great time, and surprisingly I felt right at home chatting with them. Going into it I never actually spoke with Tammy or Tim except through email and Twitter. I can't tell you how at ease I felt recording. Tammy and Tim were great hosts and I suggest you check out the other RoundaboutFM pocasts. Tim also hosts another podcast - More Than Just Code - that you should check out. Thanks guys!

Why wait?

We submitted the Caer of Miras 9 comic pitch to an online publisher. We've been waiting to hear back if our idea was accepted, or even considered but no news yet. So upon re-reading their rules there's nothing that says we can't start posting the comics we have finished. So I've already posted pages 001 - 003 which have been "done" for a few months now but needed a bit of revision. They're updated now, and official and now it's all about moving the story forward! I'm excited to say that Caer of Miras 9 is starting, regardless of online publisher news. But we are still hoping for the best so wish us all the luck!