The Miras 9 Animated Series

Watch the early concept trailer below.

The Miras 9 Animated Series - How'd I get here?

The Miras 9 began as a webcomic titled "Caer of Miras 9". As I was drawing and writing the comic I kept thinking of the idea of what it would look like as a motion comic. I put together a few "pages" of motion comics and posted them to Instagram. They were fairly well received.

In Summer of 2017 I was asked by a friend to showcase my art at Gallery Night in his building. I honestly didn't feel like I had much. Especially this new web comic series where no one knows my characters or universe. So I took the idea of a motion comic a step further and created a teaser trailer for the animated series which didn't even exist at the time.

I received a ton of positive feedback from all of the interactions I had at Gallery Night. Since then I have been toiling away working on a pilot episode of The Miras 9 animated series.

I've been working with local talent in the Milwaukee area to record the voices of my characters. I've also begun the first stages of animation to finally create the full pilot episode. I hope to continue working on the animation and recording more talent to create the series. The end goal is to pitch a pilot episode to a large network like Netflix, Cartoon Network, Hulu, or Amazon Studios.



Help Wanted

I've already been able to connect with some amazing acting talent, but of course there's always need for more. With funding from an investor I would like to recruit the following talent to really polish up The MIras 9.

  • Animators

  • Voice Actors

  • Bring on additional writer(s)

  • Concept Artists

  • 3D Artists

  • Music

  • SFX

  • Marketing and PR


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